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 Sony Playstation Store Back 'This Week'

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PostSubject: Sony Playstation Store Back 'This Week'   Wed Jun 01, 2011 3:33 am

Sony say all services will be resumed by the end of this week - Sony PS3 Blog - this of course raises two immediate questions:-

1. Does that mean that when Sony said that the entire PS3 network would be up by the end of May, were they lying? Or is it going to be back back 23:59:59 tonight?
2. Are the servers going to struggle under the huge load that is going to be placed onto it by people trying to access the Sony store and take advantage of the 'Welcome Back' promo?

Supposedly there was meant to be some scheduled downtime today/tonight at 7pm (BST Time) but I can't find the link that I read yesterday Razz
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Sony Playstation Store Back 'This Week'
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